FLEXImobile Spy Software Products for Android, iPhone and iCloud

FLEXImobile Spy allows you to read chats from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, SMS Monitoring, Call Recording and very much more. Use our products for the most common platforms. Android, iPhone or iCloud. You will get the installation manual for our spy applications straight after your successful payment. Install the application in less than 90 seconds and get the peace of mind you feel you deserve.

  • Spy App iPhone

    FLEXImobile iPhone Spy App to track and monitor WhatsApp Facebook Skype or Viber chats and record phone calls

    Compatible from iOS 7 to iOS 9.x (The update for iOS 10 is on its way.)

    Iphone Spy App can be installed on any jailbroken iPhone. In case you cant jailbreak the iPhone, you should consider the iCloud Spy product.

  • Spy App Android

    FLEXImobile Android Spy App on Samsung GALAXY S8 to track and monitor WhatsApp Facebook Skype or Viber chats and record phone calls

    Compatible with any Android device from Android 4.x to Android 6 Marshmallow. (The update for Android 7 is on its way.)

    Use this product on any Android device. Samsung, HTC, LG and many more. We have the best experience for call recording without root on Samsung GALAXY Sx devices.

  • Spy App iCloud

    FLEXImobile iPhone Spy App to track and monitor WhatsApp Facebook Skype or Viber chats without jailbreak

    iCloud Spy is compatible with any iDevice that allows you to backup your iDevice into iCloud. Currently supported from iOS 7 to iOS 10.x

    This is the very best solution in case you don’t want to jailbreak the iPhone. Just enter the iCloud credentials in our system, and you are ready to go.

FLEXImobile out of the box – ready phones and setup services

For those who don’t want to waste their time finding a root or a jailbreak, can simply purchase one of our pre installed spy phones. This devices are pre configured with our software and ready to be used the moment you unwrap the box. The alternative is that you ship in your device and let us do the work. For a little service fee we find the jailbreak or root for your device, flash it and configure our software on it. Usually you will have your device back in your hands within 3 to 5 business days.

  • Ready to go Spy Phones

    FLEXImobile Spy Phones out of the box - no installation needed - no setup

    In case the device you are looking for is not available in our store, simply drop us a line and we will be happy to make you a special offer for the device you wish. Read more about pre installed spy phones

    Ready to go Spy Phones – are complete new devices, in the original box, pre installed and pre configured with our product. Use this opportunity and get it all just out of the box.

  • Ship in your device

    FLEXImobile Ship In your Spy Phone

    Ship in your device to our technician office and we will prepare it for you. This services covers rooting the Android device, as well as jailbreaking an iPhone and install and setup of your Spy Applications on it. Read more about our SHIP-IN service

    In case you already have a phone, of course it doesn’t make sense to buy a new one with us. Therefore, choose this service to ship in your device and we will care about the rest.

Spy – Track – Monitor without compromises

FLEXImobile delivers high-end technology to concerned parents, employers or for the ones who just needs a backup solution.

Some may use the keyword spouse-ware in combination with our products. This is not what it’s designed for. In case you plan to spy on your spouse or somebody else, please have in mind that we do not support such. Spying on WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype … you name it, chats, conversations, phone calls or GPS locations is very much illegal and our products are not designed for this case. Nobody will sell you a hammer knowing that you are planning a crime with it – and the same policy goes for us. Our products are to be used for legal purpose only – like recording the phone calls of your minor children.

WhatsApp Chats & Media

Skype Chats & Media

Facebook Messenger Chats & Media

Record Phone Calls

Ambient recording

Some of the greatest features …

… of our applications. In case you are a concerned parent, you are allowed to use our application on your minor children’s phones.

… for you to benefit from the peace of mind you will have afterwards. Sleepless nights are just a matter of the past.

About FLEXImobile

In business since 2009 FLEXImobile is constantly bringing state of the art monitoring and tracking applications to end consumers. FLEXImobile Spy and Tracking apps are designed to assist parents understanding their minor children’s footprints in the digital area. Employers can use FLEXImobile applications to backup the companies data from the device to a single endpoint and have an overview of the communication made using mobile device. In case you want to use FLEXImobile apps lawfully on an employee’s device, consult an attorney who will make sure you are using this tools within the law in your country.

Service & Support

Our professional FLEXImobile support team will be happy to answer your questions regarding our products. Please understand that we will not assist you / neither provide with information on how you may install our product illegally on a device. Our support team is based in Europe and speaks English, French, Dutch and German as mother tongue. Customers inquiries will not be answered using a bot. Always expect there is a human being on the other side who is doing the best to assist you.

About Products

The products we offer are applications or solutions which allows to read chats from Social Media apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Viber and many more. We also offer features to record phone calls or even the device surroundings. On top of that our applications are able to record messenger calls from Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype and Viber. Media Files like photos, videos made by the camera app or social media applications are also available. Also expect general features like Call Logs, SMS, GPS Tracking, calender or E-mails to be available.

Spy Software Questions

Do I have to install the App on the phone?

Yes. Our Android or iPhone Spy Apps have to be installed on the phone. Except of iCloud. For iCloud you will need the Login Credentials of the iCloud account.

When does my license begin?

The license duration begins upon installing the product on the device. So after your purchase you still can take your time and ask questions when you bump into some.

Does phone call recording work without root

Yes. In fact it works fine on most Samsung devices. Please understand that due to different Android AOSP implementations, we cannot guarantee this for all devices. But indeed with the Samsung S-line (S4, S5, S6,S7) phone calls are being recorded without root.

What does Messenger Recording mean?

The Messenger Recording allows you to record messenger calls. Like when you call someone on WhatsApp, our app would record this calls. Currently it is limited to Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Messenger calls only and will be available for other messenger apps soon.

Do I need to Jailbreak the iPhone?

In case you want to use the iPhone Spy App, you will need to have the device jailbroken to be able to install the application using our Cydia repository.

Where can I find the Installation-Guide

Please have in mind that we are not selling Easter eggs here. Therefore you will receive the installation manual only after your successful purchase.

Spy Phone Questions

What do I have to do after receiving a phone?

The device is fully pre installed and ready to be used as Spy Phone. Have just a Sim Card ready.

Which settings should I activate?

The device comes fully set up and ready to go.

Do I have to Root or Jailbreak a pre installed phone?

No. This is the quality of our devices. Our pre installed phones are prepared and ready to deliver all guaranteed features.

What does your Spy Software Installation cover?

Our Ship-In service will cover the same set up as we we offer for our pre installed devices.

I have send a phone to you, when will I get it back?

The Ship-In service takes roughly about 3-4 business days.


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