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Phone Call Recording without root on many devices

Recording phone calls is a very much loved and requested feature. And since we actually introduced this many years ago, people wanted to have phone calls recorded without the need of rooting their phones. So we took a look into it. Unfortunately it is not that easy at all, but with some devices it works just fine.

On which devices does call recording work without root?

We have the best results with the Samsung GALAXY S devices. The GALAXY S2, S3, S4, S5, S6 and S7 devices. With this ones we have the best experience when it comes to call recording without root.

Please be aware, that this can vary from device to device and from Samsung Firmware to Samsung Firmware. On certain tests, we had a GALAXY S6 with a firmware from August 2016 where the recordings were working just fine. Both sides were clearly to hear. Then, some time later we’ve had a GALAXY S6 with a different firmware and it wasn’t recording both sides.

You will probably wonder why we don’t have this in our guaranteed features list. The reason is described above. Since it is that unstable, we don’t want to promise it to you and then disappoint you with telling you funny things about why. In case you want to use our application, probably it is not bad when you give it a try before you root the device. In case it doesn’t work at all for your device, you will have to root the phone – but then you will also benefit from all the other great features.

Is there a way to listen live to phone calls?

No – unfortunately we have to disappoint you with this. But what does work fine without rooting the phone, is the Ambient Recording Feature. The Ambient Recording Feature allows you to issue a remote command to recording the device surroundings for a whole hour. Afterwards the Audio file will be send to your account and you can just issue the command again. In case a phone call comes in, the Ambient recording will be stopped by the app and the audio file will be send out. After the phone call the Ambient recording will just continue.

Is call recording possible without root?
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Is call recording possible without root?
FLEXImobile allows to record phone calls without the need to root the Android device.
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