FLEXImobile - Pre Installed Spy Phones - ready to go and pre configures out of the box

Benefit from our pre installed offers

FLEXImobile ever since, doesn’t only offer the applications itself, but also ready to smartphones, which will be delivered with our products pre installed. Pre installed devices are optimized for our application and will deliver the best results. All pre installed devices will either be jailbroken or rooted, optimized for our application, pre installed with our application and then delivered to the customer.

Usually we offer the latest flagships of devices from Samsung and Apple – but we also have a big variety of different devices available. And as soon as we can guarantee our app will deliver you the best results with a new phone, we offer it also as pre installed device in our web shop. We offer the pre installed phones in different colors and also with different storage sizes

How fast do you ship?

Once you’ve placed your order and the payment has been processed, we get the device ready for you. Usually it will take about 4 to 5 businesses days to have the TNT delivery guy ringing your door bell and handing over the “ready to go” spy phone.

What am I supposed to do after receiving the device?

In case you are not familiar with our product, we would recommend to “play around” a bit with that new gadget just to get a feeling for the product and understanding how it works. During this time you will maybe find some further questions about some of the spy features – which we would love to answer. Basically speaking – get a little bit familiar with the product and in case there some questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Upon arrival, the device is fully setup and ready to use. As soon as it leaves our office, we will provide you with the shipping id to track your parcel and also the login credentials for your account. Please do yourself a favor and change the password afterwards. The device is fully setup and configured. Basically you only have to give that thing an Internet connection.

Are the devices new?

Any device you order with us, is completely new and comes in the original box from the manufacturer incl. all original cables, headphones, chargers or anything else the manufacturer has put in the box. The only thing we do is to take the device, fire it up, put our spy software on it, run some tests, optimize the device, put back in the box, wrap it and ship it.

The device I am looking for is not in your shop

Thats not a problem at all – simply send us a message with the device you would love to have. Add your preferred color and storage size and we will make you an special offer within a few hours.

Pre installed tracking and monitoring
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Pre installed tracking and monitoring
FLEXImobile delivers not only its spy applications, but also the latest flagships from Samsung or Apple pre installed with it's high class Spy & Tracking applications.
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