FLEXImobile - Put the spy phone in a box and ship it to us

Ship-in your device and we will install the spy app for you!

Ship-in your device is a special service to allow you sending in your device in case you already have one you would like to use. So you don’t need to buy another one to get the best FLEXImobile Tracking & Monitoring experience.

This service handles shipped in devices the same way as we handle our pre installed spy phones. You will benefit from the fact that the ones who have the expertise and knowledge of the software, will also optimize the hardware so that you will have the best possible experience with our product.

Will the Android device be rooted?

Yes. In order to give you the best experience with our product, we will root the android device for you. We will take the hassle to find the correct root for you, we root the phone, equip it with our spy app, do the configuration and optimization, but the phone back in your box and return it to you. Upon arrival you will only have to add a Internet connection to that device and you are ready to go.

Are you jailbreaking the iPhone?

Of course. When you send in an iPhone, we will have it jailbroken for you. Please make sure that the iOS running on that device is jailbreakable. In case you have no idea, please get in touch with us before you purchase the service.

How long do you need?

Please allow us about 3 to 4 business days get your phone ready and return it back to you as soon and quick as possible. Deliveries are being processed using TNT Express to make sure you will get your parcel shortly.

How about customizations?

Sorry, but we cannot accept further customizations to the spy phone than rooting the device, installing and configuring our application for it.

Can I track the device?

Yes, you can. As soon as the device is ready for shipping, we will provide you with tracking id so that you will be able to track the parcel. You will also get the login details to your account for this device.

Do I have to purchase a license?

Yes. You will have to purchase your preferred Spy product and also its duration – so that we can install and activate your license upon sending out the parcel to you.

Put the phone in a box and ship it to us
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Put the phone in a box and ship it to us
FLEXImobile offers to ship in a device you already have to root or jailbreak it and have it prepared with our Android or iPhone Spy app.
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