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Delivering high quality Monitoring and Tracking solutions

FLEXImobile is a brand established a long time ago before we even knew how the digital market will evolve. Back in 2009 we were all excited about how applications like WhatsApp or Skype have taken over the market of short messages and turned it into services which provide users with the ability to stay in touch with their friends and families all over the world. Sharing photos and videos was just the beginning. By now we live in a world where almost everybody has a smartphone, gains new friends in social media and shares what they love and like with friends and families. We love this digital era too. Very much.

The opposite and downside of this new era is happening more or less in the background and much quite without the majority being really aware of it. Allow us to name just some little things. Things like bullying, things like hate speech, things like harassment, insulting and threatening innocent users happens too. Of course a company like Facebook or Microsoft will never release statistics about how many users are being threatened or insulted on a daily bases using their messenger applications like Skype, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. But this is happening. People assume they are safe, sitting behind their phones or laptops while insulting others.

Advise your children

FLEXImobile has seen this downside of the Internet and we think we should allow parents or guardian angles to be able too have a look into the communication of their minor children. We surely cannot save the world and it is actually not our focus, but we can and do deliver tools which make other peoples lives easier. Taking away sleepless nights from worried fathers and mothers who have no idea where their pubescent children are in the middle of the night, is what our goal is. Allowing parents to see what their children are going through, gives them the opportunity to advise and give the right answers without the need to ask. Children with a lower self esteem seem to be afraid to ask their parents certain questions – yet the speech bubble with a question mark in it is huge.

Help your partner regaining trust

Let’s imagine your spouse has trust issues and has seen that you have had a call with another guy or woman. Simply give her or him the audio file and prove that the conversation was just general chit chat or business related. Having your parter having trust issues is to be taken very serious. Usually one has permanently do defend himself and explain a lot without having very much proof. Using our application on your own device can help your partner regaining trust. Think about it. Just install our application on your phone and give your partner the login details to your account. It wont take long for your partner to realize that your are faithful all the time. Your partner will find that you respect the relationship you have and will love you more than ever.

Take care of your business

Employers sometimes might have the idea that one of their employers isn’t that loyal. Please consult your internal attorney or a lawyer who will definitely advise you with this topic. There are some rules you will have to follow – but at the end you will be able to monitor your employee’s activities for your company. In rough times you need to protect your company and your ROI. Being able to follow all conversations your employee has had while working for you will help you to find the black sheeps within your company and sort things out within a short time.

How do we do all that?

FLEXImobile applications deliver a lot of information. Just to mention a few, the apps will allow you to read whole conversations on social media like Facebook Messenger or Skype or WhatsApp. You will have full records from normal and also messenger calls. You can follow the device’s footprints whit the build in GPS tracker function. You can monitor and track the pictures and videos are being shared and received in Social Media applications.

We know our competition

Of course we know what our competition is doing. And we are glad that there is competition. This gives us a huge motivation to evolve our products constantly, innovate new features and optimize the current ones. We permanently test the products we deliver on our own devices to make sure we deliver a high quality product to our customers.

What makes us different?

FLEXImobile has not the aim to be different from the competition. We thrive to be unique and independent in how we deliver and advertise our products and how we support our valued customers. To do so, our products have usually more advanced features and our support is based on human beings. Were others may use a google-translate to provide support in different language, we have native English, French, Italian, Dutch and German speaking support agents. Agents who know the ins and outs of our products and support any inquiries as professionals.

Why choose FLEXImobile ?
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Why choose FLEXImobile ?
Choosing FLEXImobile over our competition has many benefits. Our features are great and so is our support in your mother tongue.
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